10 reasons to visit The Micro Business Show 2020

#MicroBizShow is free to attend, so it's a no-brainer to come over on the day and check it out from a cost perspective. Free tea and coffee, free entry, free seminars, free networking, free parking, free business advice......there's so much to gain from #MicroBizShow and NOTHING to lose! In addition, we've given you 7 other reasons to participate in The Micro Business Show. 1. Stay informed. Improve your knowledge of new trends, products and resources that can support your mi

Exhibition Stand Packing Checklist

You've got your stand booked at an upcoming exhibition. This is your chance to shine and promote your business and services to new customers, demonstrating your expertise and the value your support can bring them. No doubt you've spent some considerable time planning the design of your stand, and how visitors are going to interact with it. BUT....don't get too caught up in the detail and forget about the basics! Here's a last minute checklist to make sure you're fully prepare

Donut Time Business Networking - "Donut" knock it until you’ve tried it!

by Anne Solomon, Venture House Business Centre info@venturehousestratford.co.uk Venture House Business Centre are facilitating one of the FREE networking sessions at #MicroBizShow on 25 February 2020 at Draycote Hotel. Here's a bit more of what to expect from the infamous "Donut Time"......... Do you have a great business or business idea but are struggling to get it out there? Are you good at what you do but struggle with other things like sales and marketing, networking and

Social Media for Events

By Piece of Cake Marketing Events are a great way to meet and connect with businesses, build relationships and foundations that will lead to collaborations, sales and a sharing of knowledge. But why and how do you effectively incorporate social media into a physical event? There are many reasons why, and that includes making connections with other attendees. Following those companies and people you meet is a great way to start conversation after the event. A business card is

Are you a micro business?

Micro businesses are officially a small business employing 9 or less people. They are an important segment of any growing economy – providing local products and services, creating community spaces, promoting tourism and are role models and support for future entrepreneurs. However, they often get swept up into the same tide of information that applies to small businesses in general, which is not always relevant. So, what makes a micro business? Self-employment A person is sel

Making Tax Digital

Do you want to know more about Making Tax Digital? Do you want to understand more about digital tools that can help make efficiencies in your business or help to deliver better quality data? Do you want to know more about cloud applications? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about HMRC changing how VAT will be reported from April 2019. Information will need to be stored digitally and shared automatically with them. Whilst this initiative may prove bene

How to Talk About your Business so Customers Choose You

We're delighted to welcome Brand and Communication strategist, Lucy Griffin-Stiff to #MicroBizShow, where she will be delivering a Brand Messaging Masterclass as part of the Seminar Programme. This masterclass will be explaining how you can position yourself as the obvious choice to your ideal clients through understanding your unique brand. When people think about brand they often think about logo and style. It’s easy to forget that there is so much more to brand than the wa

Working towards a unique selling proposition

Does your work sometimes feel like drudgery? Or perhaps you find it hard to confidently tell people what you do? In many cases we have found that happens because we become so familiar with what and how we do what we do that it seems ordinary. The realisation is that what and how we do what we do will seem extraordinary to someone who hasn’t come across it before. If this sounds like a preconception you have fallen into then Glued’s session on ‘Working towards a unique selling

An exhibitor's insights

Kyla Skinner, founder of Copy Café, shares her thoughts on a first-time exhibiting experience at the #MicroBizShow – and explains why she’ll definitely be back in March… 2018 was a year of excitement and comfort zone challenges for me. It all kicked off in spring, when I launched a new business venture. Then, in the summer, I was introduced to the potential of exhibitions to boost your business and build brand awareness – and I wasted no time in signing up for a brand new eve

Smart strategies for exhibition stands

Exhibiting at a business show or exhibition can be great for promoting your business to a targeted audience. As well as a financial investment, there’s also a certain amount of time and energy you need to devote to your attendance to ensure it is worth your while. We support our exhibitors to make sure they get the most of the event....here's what one of our previous exhibitors had to say: #MicroBizShow exhibitors attended a pre event meet up this week, to explore how to do j

What to expect from #MicroBizShow

Anna Lewin from The Qwerty Keyboard attended the first #MicroBizShow - here's her detailed account of the day, giving you an idea of what to expect from the event! This blog post was originally published on her website and is featured here with her kind permission. Monday 24th September was the first ever Micro Business Show. I’d been looking forward to this Midlands-based event, created for the freelance, self employed and micro business community and it didn’t disappoint. T

Tops tips for attending The Micro Business Show

The Micro Business Show is a great way to make contacts, increase your visibility, promote your company, find new products, build and solidify existing relationships, and educate yourself about the latest industry trends. With our exhibition, seminar programme, networking sessions, IT clinic and free tea and coffee, there's a lot to see and do. Be sure to register online and book your seminar spot, and then follow our handy guide to get maximum value out of your day. 1. Resea

Making the most of your stand

Now that you have booked your stand, we would like to ensure you get the most out of your investment in The Micro Business Show. Here are some top tips to get you on your way! BEFORE THE EVENT 1. Promote your attendance at the show in advance and use our handy email logo on all your emails. Send personal emails and invitations to your customers a few weeks in advance to let them know that you are going to be at the fair, and ideally try and get them to fix an appointment with