• Nichola Kelsey

Smart strategies for exhibition stands

Exhibiting at a business show or exhibition can be great for promoting your business to a targeted audience. As well as a financial investment, there’s also a certain amount of time and energy you need to devote to your attendance to ensure it is worth your while.

We support our exhibitors to make sure they get the most of the event....here's what one of our previous exhibitors had to say:

#MicroBizShow exhibitors attended a pre event meet up this week, to explore how to do just that. It provided the perfect opportunity to see the venue to help visualise their allocated space, meet and network with other exhibitors on the day as well as share ideas on best practices for exhibiting.

In order to get the maximum benefit in exhibiting at a business show or exhibition, it’s not just about having a stunning stand, or handy freebies to give out. Without a strategy, your presence at the event will be a waste of your time and money.


What is your reason for attending the event, and what are you hoping to achieve? The answer will be different for each business – maybe increase contact list, grow customer database or even makes sales on the day. Make this objective SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Based) so that you can track progress, and analyse the success of your stand afterwards. This will be really useful in planning to exhibit at future events.


It’s not enough to just book your stand and show up on the day – tell your contacts and customers you will be there!! We’ve all got a ready made customer database through our social media or emailing list….these are existing and potential customers who have indicated they are interested in what you’ve got to say! Make sure they know you will be at the event all day, and invite them……you can even go one step further and set up appointments!


As well as including it in your own social media content, engage with other posts. Most events will have their own hashtag (eg #MicroBizShow) so it’s easy to find out what other people are saying about the event online. Share, comment and post wherever relevant – this is of huge benefit to both YOU and the show.


Get ahead of the game by devising your follow up strategy before you even get there. Following up your leads effectively is critical to the success of your stand – otherwise, what has it all been about? Email templates for different categories of leads – hot, warm and cold – can be set up in advance, ready for you to personalise based on engagement.


Get your message across with literature that stands out for the right reasons! Consistency is key - keep your fonts, colours and imagery aligned to make sure your product or service creates a sustainable impact. For walls or banners that are the main focus of your stand, keep your logo and core message at the top (so it can be seen across a crowded room) and use high quality images with colours to make your messages stand out. Keep the details higher up so they are not hidden by any furniture in front of it.


Don’t just rock up and work it out as you go – take some time to practice first. You should have the dimensions of your stand from the organiser's, to help plan out the space you need to fill. There’s no need to bring EVERYTHING – remember, less is more. “Eye level is buy level” so make sure material is included where visitors are likely to see it first. Maybe even promote your attendance with some “work in progress” shots on social media?</